Prototype Banjo Cam Cover and Oil Pump

Today I received a gift in the mail from my good friend George. He sent me a prototype reproduction Banjo Two Cam cover for my 1923 Harley-Davidson race motor. George machined the cover to accept a 23-27 oil pimp.

Luckily we found an oil pump listed on eBay, placed our bid and won!

Two cam motors have the compression release in a different spot, since my motor is a single cam motor my compression release is in the standard JD spot. We made an aluminum plug and welded it to the cam cover.

In this picture you can see we are half way done with welding and sanding.

After dressing down the welds you can hardly tell there was ever a cut out for the two cam compression release. Thanks George!



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  1. That is some present!!And an interesting way to get the engine look as a banjo case two cam racing engine.Sverre

  2. Wow, can he produce and sell more of these?


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