Another Fork in the Road

Do you remember a few posts back when I wrote about my beloved, durable military Excelsior fork? I failed to mention that my Excelsior fork is also 4.5 inches longer than Harley’s period board track racing fork and that is a big difference when it comes to my bikes’s frame!

My frame is similar to Dewey Sims 1923 Harley-Davidson 1/2 mile race bike picture over and below.

You can see here how my mocked up frame got the nickname iron swan, just look at that neck!

After seeing that last picture, I had to make a decision; section the incredible Excelsior fork, raise the neck up, we could rake out the frame or completely fabricate a 1915 twin front end from scratch.

Well my indestructible fork is still intact as i did not have the heart to chop my still beloved fork. Here is a more realistic picture of what my frame will look like when we pick it up next week in Milwaukee.

Currently, we are looking for parts to build a early JD front end for my race bike. If you have any leads on 1915 HD fork parts please email me !



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