Final Stretch, May 1st Build Update!!!

The board track bike is really coming together! The bike is all torn down now and off to paint, my seat is getting covered in leather and this Sunday I am off to stripe my bike under the instruction of Tim Peterson of Flat Earth Sign.

Jordan Dickinson from Union Speed Shop in Monticello, Minnesota is doing the leather work for my seat. He did our born free 4 bike seat and did an amazing job! He is building a bike for the show check out his facebook page for his updates, he is very talented.

We had to do some modification work to the down tube of the frame because we chose to use a jawa speedway fork from Cody  You can see in this picture how close the fork is to the front down tube.

Ouch… that’s a big cut out!!! Thank goodness my husband and father-in-law are talented, skilled metal workers. I am one very luck woman who appreciates her family!
Look at that clearance… Much better!
 Before we started on the extremely tough frame modification,
we began to fabricate the handlebars to fit me and my bike.

Back in 2009, I drew a draft of my board track motorcycle. I had been most influenced and inspired by 1919 Excelsior board track racers.  When I actually had the wonderful opportunity to sit on a Big Valve Excelsior I really loved how the handlebars felt. When we built my bars I knew what I wanted them to look like and how they should feel. The end result is a comfortable riding position and nostalgic board track racer look. What do you think of them?

Lock Baker of Eastern Fabrications in Connecticut, also our dear friend, flew in to town to help build the seat pan, gas tanks, sissy bar and oil tank. Here you can see the gas caps that Matt fabricated. They are similar to Harley CAC gas caps, they are not threaded in like standard caps.
 Short and sweet exhaust really looks good and makes the bike look all the more complete!
 Here is the top clamp for my fork and handlebars. It is very similar the top clamp of an early CAC.

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  1. Excellent work! PS: I have a Dice 2 des moines photo to drop off for you when I head to pickerel lake next week. JW in MN

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