Search for a Champion Summary Report — Day Six

Thank you to everyone who has viewed, voted and shared the link to our Search for a Champion video!

We want to get votes from all SEVEN continents, even ANTARCTICA!  So when you vote tomorrow confirm your country or continent by commenting on my blog or below the video where you vote! Lets show Champion Spark Plugs how amazing the motorcycling world is, no matter what year, make, or model motorcycle you ride!

Please share our video with every motorcyclist you know!


ImageThe search continues as we enter right into day six of the Search for a Champion Contest, and BOY do we have great news to pass along to everyone who has took the time to watch, vote and share our Champion video.

Yesterday, we made it up to the 17th most viewed video, however as the competition is pretty fierce and we are currently ranking at the 20th position! Its a race to the TOP and this antique motorcycle racer has her eyes on the prize!!!  After only short five days our video has received over 980 Facebook Likes from dedicated, passionate motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. Speaking of motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, I am on the quest to getting votes from all seven continents and they are coming in from all corners of the globe!

The 20th Century Racing video has confirmed votes from the following continents:

Asia,  Australia,  Europe,  North America,  &  South America ! ! !

We need your help getting votes from red hot Africa down to the icy cold Antarctica, the challenge is on!

Can 20th Century Racing and it’s supporters do it? 

Yes, I believe we can!!!




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