2014 Search for a Champion Contest

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to watch, vote, and share our video entry in the 2014 Search for a Champion Contest held by Champion Spark Plugs.


Although we were not listed as one of the 15 finalists, we are grateful for receiving a considerable mention and a $500 gift card. Participating in the Search for a Champion Contest has opened many doors for our racing team. Through this contest we have received support from both international and stateside press and social media as well as multiple opportunities to travel overseas to promote our antique motorcycle building and racing efforts. To us, this was a win-win situation because the opportunities and exposure we have received because of the Search for a Champion Contest are invaluable. In 2015 Matt, Jim Wall and I will be traveling to The United Kingdom as I have been given the opportunity to set a land speed record on an incredible 1943 750 side-valve single BSA Motorcyclewhich was provided to us after a gentleman from the UK watched our Champion Spark Plug video.  It was used to race back in the old days and does about 128mph when last clocked and is said to be one of, if not the fastest of its kind.

ImageWe were completely enthralled after receiving fan mail from motorcycle enthusiasts who watched our Search for a Champion video entry in over 30 various countries from around the world like Japan, Germany, France, Nepal, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Spain, Brazil, and South Africa. Many of them leaving comments of support under our champion video. Taking part in this contest has certainly left quite a mark, at least in the global motorcycle community, for 20th Century Racing and our antique racing adventures.

Furthermore, 20th Century Racing would like to congratulate the 15 finalist who did make it to the next round of voting! Good Luck!



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  1. Hi Mrs. Brittney; you are a “winner” no matter the outcome of the Champion contest.
    Somebody well said that, “when He closes a door, He opens a window”.
    It sure seems you have the right attitude, and thats a big part of “the Race”.
    All the best in your quest to inspire young(er) folks to pursue their dreams and bring such good exposure to our vintage Motorcycle sport. Thank you.

  2. Support from Poland… Here Dirt Track races are still followed by lot of people. Speedway!

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