Day Two of The Motorcycle Cannonball

Matt, who sub-rode for Carl, and Scott got all suited up in rain gear and headed out from the hotel in the storm to get to the alternate starting point!

It has rained hard and heavy all morning. We awoke to the emergancy weather alarms from our phones alerting us of flash flooding in our area! Like so many other cannonballers, our team’s Law Tiger EZ Up tent had blown away however with the good hearts of our fellow cannonballers we caught it right in time!  I believe we may be able to fix it too!!!

It was all smiles and laughter as they boys emerged from the storm. Once the majority of the down pour was over carl then took over and rode his 36 knucklehead to the alternate route. Both of the 20th Cemtury Racing endurance team riders finished the day strong.


Jason’s 1934 Harley-Davidson VLD had a catastrophic pistion seizure due to under oiling, which is something we definitely didn’t expext because the days leading up to the start of the cannonball it was over-oiling! Tonight we are pulling the motor and removing the cylinders. Then, we will do an inventory on what parts we will need in order to get it back on the road to paricipate in run! In the mean time, Jason is riding our 1939 Harley-Davidson knucklehead spare bike.


Day three we head out to Chattanooga,  TN!  We hope to see you there!!!


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