20th Century Racing’s Year In-Review! PART 1

Wow, this year has gone by so fast! The adventures we faced while racing, building and creating a family of our own are beyond words that I could ever type!

I have organized a great pile of pictures for you to see our 2014! Here is the first segment of 20th Century Racing’s year.

Filiming for Search for a Champion

On the very first day of the year in 2014, Labyrinth Films, a local film company and 20th Century Racing got together and shoot and edit our video entry in Champion Spark Plug’s “Search for a Champion” contest! On this day I was 21 weeks pregnant with our son Lockheed!

It made me proud to represent old motorcycles and antique motorcycle racing in such technical, social media network sorta way! I had met new people, people who saw our video on Facebook or on the internet.

Matt worked on his incredible “One-of-One” Born Free 6, custom motorcycle build.

Before we knew it, the time had come to head to the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We anxiously waited for weeks, six to be exact before Lockheed would arrive. We were so grateful for our friends The Baas Family, The Dickinson Brothers of Union Speed, and Dave Polgreen and his family for allowing us to work on our BF6 bike build and for letting us crash at your houses! Our time spent with friends was like finding old bike parts, amazing!

I wanted an all natural, drug & stress free birth out side of the hospital. Currently in the state of South Dakota, Professional Midwives are illegal, so we did our research and decided Morning Star, a little quaint birthing center in Menominee, Wisconsin would be the perfect place for us.

Displaying 20140520_122823.jpg

Pictured here, 41 weeks pregnant, with Watermelon Pete Mason of 7th Street Tattoo in St.Paul, Minnesota and his custom knucklehead!

Finally, eleven days over his due date Lockheed Matthew Nels Olsen was birthed on May 24th, 2014 weighing 9 lbs. and 9 oz. and 22 inches in length. I labored beautifully for only four hours and healed tremendously well!

After arriving back home with Lockheed in stow, Matt continued to build his BF6 bike until completion. I believe Matt will have to do a post about this crazy motorcycle in order for you to fully understand how incredible it is!

Grandpa Carl, Lockheed and I attended the Viking Chapter’s AMCA National Meet in St.Paul! Lockheed also had to go to his three week check up with our midwife. He and I both were in good condition and giving a clean bill of health to start traveling and training for racing!

Matt, Sophorn, and Carl worked around the clock until the time had come when the “One-of-One” BF6 motorcycle fired up! It is always under the wire when it comes to events that are a long distance away and require a running custom motorcycle! The time came and Matt, Lockheed, Sophorn and I were loaded and ready to head out to LA, California for the Born Free 6 Show.

Displaying 20140627_111225.jpg

We are pictured here with the our friends and customer Mike and Christine.

Displaying 20140629_184334.jpg

Five weeks old and enjoying his time in California at the Born Free 6 Show!

Displaying 2014062995141419.jpg

It was nice to see our friend friend from Japan Shinsuke Takizawa of NEIGHBORHOOD TECHNICAL APPAREL and his custom Koslow!

Mike and Grant, the organizers of the Born Free show, did a great job with organizing and hosting a truly one-of-a-kind show for motorcycles. Thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of it for the last three years!!!

We took our time coming back to South Dakota and stopped at my racing coach, Jim Wall’s house.Over the winter Jim flowed and ported the combustion chamber on my heads to my 1923 Harley Board Tracker.

Soon after we got home from Colorado, it was time for the AMCA National Meet & Races in Wauseon, Ohio. We got my bike back together and did final tuning the night before races in fellow board track class racer and builder Michael Lange.  I placed 6th in the Board Track Class.

Displaying 20140718_102540.jpg

Eight week old Lockheed and I the morning of the antique motorcycle races at our Carls Cycle Supply booth. The weather was great right around 70 degrees Fahrenheit which and a bit cloudy which made it a great day for racing and for having little Lockheed at the races with us.

This is what it was I wanted an all natural birth for, to be able to race my motorcycle and have a happy, healthy, baby boy to take along with us on our antique motorcycle adventures.

The Main Event race always goes so fast!

Displaying 20140718_155252.jpg

Megan Brown, pictured above, raced 20th Century Racing’s 125cc Hummer! She received the bike and $500 from our race team, to get the Hummer running and ready for the races. She did great and took 3rd place. We are so proud of her!

Well, its getting late and this is a great stopping point! We have had such an incredible year and it means even more to be able to share it with all of our followers and supporters! It can be hard at times to be a first time mom, motorcycle racer and team promoter and blog writer, but it all happens to come together eventually with hard work and dedication.

Later this week, I will share our Year-In-Review PART 2 featuring our amazing time at the 74th Annual Black Hills Sturgis Rally, Pappy Hoel Half Mile Classic, Davenport antique meet and races, The Motorcycle Cannonball and having my 1923 Harley Board Track Racer at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum for display. Also, stay tuned for our plans in 2015!


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