20th Century Racing wins big during 75th Sturgis Rally

20th Century Racing’s antique and vintage motorcycle racers bring home four 1st place wins and claims four 2nd place honors at multiple half mile flat track races held in the Black Hills during the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Photo Aug 06, 7 13 36 AM
Sturgis, SD, August 15, 2015 – This year’s 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally proved to be one of the best for the antique and vintage motorcycle race team, 20th Century Racing whose riders include board track class racers Brittney Olsen and Jim Wall as well as Open Vintage and Hooligan Class racers Bill Applegate and Ken Buongiorno.

Photo Aug 04, 3 31 03 AM
Jim Wall of Englewood, Colorado won 1st place in the board track class with his 1928 Indian board tracker at the Pappy Hoel Vintage Flat Track Races on Tuesday, August 4th, while Brittney Olsen of Aberdeen, South Dakota and last year’s defending champ, took home second place just behind Jim on her 1923 Harley-Davidson board tracker. Later that night at the Black Hills AMA Pro Flat Track races held at the Black Hills Speedway Brittney Olsen took first place. Brittney’s winning streak did not end there; the next day at the Pappy Hoel Classic Sturgis Pro Half Mile Races Brittney claimed the checker flag once again with her 1923 Harley-Davidson.

These antique board track era races bike may look small and similar to the bicycles you rode as kids, but they can reach speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour on a half mile track without brakes, clutches or transmissions. All it takes is a simple push to start their engines and they are off.

Photo Aug 06, 6 21 19 AM (1)
20th Century Racing’s wins didn’t stop there, sponsored riders Bill Applegate and Ken Buongiorno from New Jersey brought their vintage Harley-Davidson to claim victory at the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Bill Applegate won 1st place at the Pappy Hoel Vintage Flat track races in the Open Multi Vintage class with Ken coming in second right behind him. During the Black Hills AMA Pro Flat Track Races, hosted by Terry Rymer of Black Hills Harley Davidson, Bill stunned fellow racers and fans alike with his extremely talented racing skills, coming in second place against newer street model Harleys in the Hooligan class with his 1950 Harley Davidson Panhead. Bill continued to amaze the flat track race fans by taking second place again at the Harley-Davidson Hooligan Dirt Dash races held at the historical Sturgis Half Mile race track on Thursday, August 6th.

Photo Aug 06, 6 19 17 AM
If you would like more information about 20th Century Racing, please visit http://www.20thcenturyracing.com or if your company is interested in partnering with 20th Century Racing please contact Brittney Olsen via email at 20thcenturyracing@gmail.com.
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20th Century Racing sets their sights high and aim to preserve the magnificent history of early motorcycle racing by generating excitement, gaining interest and educating current and future motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, through their antique motorcycle racing adventures!


A very HUGE “Thank You” goes out to our Indian Racing Team goes out to Indian Motorcycle Sturgis for their support of 20th Century Racing! We would also like to thank Law Tigers for supporting our vintage motorcycle racing efforts in Sturgis this year. With supports like these 20th Century Racing is able to continue sharing our passion for old motorcycle racing and the rich history that has been paved before us. Thank you!


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